Family Background

 25 March 1913  Harold Wakefield Howard was born in Manchester,  the son of Harold and Martha  Wakefield and the first of four children, one of whom died very young.   His youngest sister was 90 in 2012/13.  Harold senior was a conscientious objector in the First World war and spent some time in prison  where he met many Quakers and became one himself. He was an elder at Mount Street Friends Meeting House and was very involved in the settling of Jewish refugees in Manchester from 1938 (see ‘Serious Concern: Manchester Quakers and Refugees, 1938-40’). His cotton yarn agency was in the course of ‘winding down’ in 1938 because of the slump, leaving him time for ‘near total dedication’ to the refugee cause. He was seen as a ‘wonderful man, always true to his word, ever ready to lend practical help’. Harold senior’s older sister, Margaret, married Wilfred Garnett, a fellow member of the refugee committee.

31 March 1945  Harold married Dorothy Knott, at Chain Bar Methodist Church, Moston, Manchester. He had been introduced to her by his two sisters, who taught at the same primary school.


Wedding day.  Harold’s Best Man, John Newton , was a life-long friend and cycling companion on trips from Cambridge to Manchester.











09-Summer 1946

Harold and Dorothy had four children: Elizabeth Jane, born 1946;  David John, 1949-1971; William James, 1951-2008;  Nicholas Jeremy, born 1954.

The picture shows Harold and Dorothy with their first child, Elizabeth, shortly after  her christening at Chain Bar Methodist Church. Summer 1946


06-Death notice





1 January 1985  Harold died in Cambridge, actually at the age of 71.