Plantings for Maris Piper increased from 16,600 ha in 2015 to 17,400 ha in 2017. The variety is still by far the most popular variety in Great Britain.

See data on the AHDB database.



Road named after Maris Piper

A housing estate (‘Trumpington Meadows’) is  being built on the site of the old Plant Breeding Institute. Roads are being named after famous varieties bred there, and after some of the fields where trials were run.

Piper Road has houses on one side and a view to Trumpington Parish church.

Piper Road

Gold bricks on houses and garages mark the former positions of the research laboratories and offices.

Gold Brick

Australians discover “Miraculous Maris Piper”

A friend and ex-colleague of mine who lives in Australia recently sent me the following article from The Australian entitled ” The Joy of finding Maris Piper potatoes”. In it, Judith Elen talks about “the miraculous Maris Piper potato” which is now available in Australia. She explains that Maris Piper is ” a floury potato that emerges in a blaze of glory when baked (crunchy-skinned, cloud soft within), fried as chips (similar result), mashed (ethereal)”.

1-M Piper Australian Newspaper