Thanks to the following for providing information for this website:

Mrs Elizabeth Humphreys (nee Howard) for providing a lot of information on the life of her late father and many of the photographs

The John Innes Centre for access to Plant Breeding Institute archives

Emmanuel College, Cambridge, for access to Harold Howard’s academic records

Dr Jane Thomas of NIAB, for a copy of the NIAB Farmers Leaflet No. 3  (Varieties of Potatoes) for 1966

Mr Nigel Starling of Cygnet PB Ltd, for loan of the PBI Potato Families File, a number of letters and memos relating to the naming of Maris Piper and its Recommendation, and the photograph of potato berries.

AHDB Potatoes for statistics, recipes and photographs.

This website was constructed by Professor Graham Jellis, who worked at the Plant Breeding Institute, and later Plant Breeding International Cambridge, between 1972 and 1999.

I was appointed by Dr Howard as the potato pathologist in 1972, having completed a PhD in silver scurf disease of potatoes funded by the Potato Marketing Board, at the University of Manchester. I was still very involved in the potato breeding programme at Dr Howard’s 1-117-DSCN1408retirement in 1978. Later my interests widened to encompass other crops and in 1989 I was appointed  Pathology Group leader, followed by Crop Technology Group Leader in 1995. During all this time I continued to be involved in the potato pathology programme.

In 1999 I left PBI Cambridge to take up the post of  Director of Research and Development at the Home Grown Cereals Authority (now AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds). I retired from full-time work in 2009, though still maintain an active interest in agricultural acience.