Maris Piper – 50 years old in 2016

2016 is the 50th anniversary of the NIAB Recommendation of the potato variety Maris Piper, the most successful post-war UK variety. Here you can discover how and why the variety was bred, who bred it, how it got its name and much more.



Maris Piper has very attractive mauve flowers and produces a lot of potato berries, which look rather like green tomatoes (though not edible). In the 1970s I remember arriving in the laboratory one morning to find in my post some not-too-fresh potato berries with a note from a clearly excited gardener who thought the wonders of plant breeding had produced a potato plant on which tomatoes had developed!

The excellent quality of Maris Piper for many purposes means that today it is well established as a brand in its own right – not just potato but Maris Piper potato!